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Participant Information

Participant Information

Bak Middle School of the Arts – West Pam Beach, FL Middle School of the Arts

Welcome to National Water Dance!

We’re excited you’re here and interested in finding out more about organizing a performance in your area for National Water Dance 2024. The impact of this project lies in the power of your creative imagination at your local site magnified through the collective energy created on a national level by our connection through the internet. In this way, dancer by dancer, we create our movement choir!

The steps are simple and as we move forward you will receive detailed information to guide you through the process. Here is an outline for you to consider:

  • Sign up and join National Water Dance 2024
  • Choose a site where you want to perform and in an area that needs attention. What are the water issues in your area?
  • Find collaborators in your dancers, other artists, environmentalists, or if you are a part of an institution perhaps there are science departments that would want to engage with you. Whether you are a group or a soloist, take time to know your site, and ask the questions about “what is its story?”

That’s the beginning. In September 2023 you will receive the first of many emails that will be your guide in adding your creative journey to the national map of dancing participants around the United States that leads us to dancing together at April 20th, 2024 at 4 PM EST.

Our Commitment

As artists we know that creativity is born from disruption: disruption that is fed by questions, by self-evaluation, by new and diverse ideas from those who challenge us as we begin the process necessary to change. National Water Dance commits to this journey of creativity and to the goal of equity for all by supporting diversity in its many forms. We recognize that our present systems are based on inequality and we eagerly step into the work to correct the past structures and find a more balanced future.

You are the voices that we want to hear, the bodies we want to see move, the imaginations that can change the world. Come join us and be a part of the ever-expanding vision that dance brings to this Earth that we share.