Photo by Mitchell Zachs
Photo by Mitchell Zachs. Jubilation Dance Ensemble, Key Biscayne, FL

Participating in 2020

We’re excited you’re here and interested in finding out more about choreographing a performance in your area for National Water Dance 2020.

The way each performance is structured will depend on your environment, that is your physical location. Each choreographer should identify the most significant water and/or climate change issues facing their community and choose their site accordingly.

Each school, company or group of dancers will create their own community of participants, allowing them to make this project as big or as small as they are able to handle. National Water Dance Director Dale Andree and Outreach Coordinator Kristin O’Neal will be coordinating all of the groups in all of the states through our membership forum and email communications. The power of this project lies in the collective energy created on a local level and magnified through the use of the internet on a national level. By live streaming the April 18, 2020 event the impact of our work is increased by the number of participating institutions.

Creating the Choreography

  1. Choreographers from each group will videotape and post a gesture or short phrase of movement inspired by their site.
  2. These movements will be collected by Dale Andree and organized into a phrase of movement called The Movement Phrase.
  3. The Movement Phrase will be posted so that every choreographer can use it as a resource for their choreography.
  4. All participants are asked to begin their dance with the first gesture and end with the last gesture. The rest of the phrase is theirs to use as they wish. In this way we can find communal movement but not lose our independence in creating our dances.
  5. During the choreographic process, all choreographers will be encouraged to post their rehearsals and movement phrases so that an archive of movement material can be created as another resource to be shared in this national collaboration.
  6. Everyone will begin their dance at their chosen site with the same movement phrase at 4:00PM EST on April 18, 2020.
  7. Everyone will end their dance, according to the length of their choreography, joining in the final shared phrase.
  8. The length of the piece, the number of dancers, the location, the costumes, all other decisions regarding choreography and performance are up to the individual choreographers and directors.

Livestreaming the Event

In order to be successful in live streaming every event, we need your full commitment to work with us on coordinating up to and during the live performance. By using smart phones we keep the process simple and easily accessible to ensure successful live streaming for everyone.

We’ll be providing detailed instructions on how to livestream soon, if you’re a participant keep an eye on your email for those important updates.

Finding Funding

We know that finding funding for projects can be a challenge, so we’ve compiled a short list of granting bodies you should know about and can apply for to help cover your performance expenses.