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As dancers we are intrigued by the physical demands of different environments, both natural and human made. Working with improvisation and set choreography, the nature of the space and the space of nature challenges our ever-developing consciousness of change, preservation and adaptability.

Recent Performance Reviews
Swamp Spirits – Dale Andree’s Magical “Everglades Imprint” for AIRE
by Jordan Levin
“Everglades Imprint” premiered December 30, 2018, with an audience of almost 200, in Everglades National Park as a result of Ms. Andree’s Artist in Residency through the Everglades fellowship program (AIRIE).

Upcoming Performances
In May 2019, NWD Projects will be presenting a performance, photo exhibit and film at History Miami Museum, based on “Everglades Imprint”.

Past Performances
In 2017 & 2018 NWD Projects dancers performed on Historic Virginia Key Beach for Big Blue and You, a celebration and educational opportunity for students to experience the environment in a hands-on way at the Historic Virginia Key Beach. NWD Projects dancers also brought their movement invention to a celebration of Earth Day at the Jupiter Lighthouse. Working with a group of improvisers and community members, Dale organized a performance for Global Water Dances in the mudflats of the Weskeag River in Maine. Other collaborations include an improvised structure inspired by the work of visual artist Karen Rifas at the Emerson Dorsch Gallery in Little Haiti. Dale Andree created a work for a dancer, actor and musician called “And We Think Nothing of It” which has been presented in Ft. Lauderdale at Art Space, Love the Everglades Conference at the Miccosukee Resort and at Florida International University for the Hispanic Women Writer’s Conference.

“Dance – a physical voice for environmental activism, taking it out of the margins and placing it in the center of the conversation.”
–Dr. Andrea Seidel
Author of Isadora Duncan in the 21st Century
Capturing the Art and Spirit of the Dancer’s Legacy

Photo by Mitchell Zachs
Photo by Kitty Winslow
Photo by Marcos Rezende Jr.