NWD Projects


Cover photo credits: Photographer Liliana Mora; Dancers Dale Andree, Jade Scott, Mary Spring, & Alondra Balbuena

As dancers we are intrigued by the physical demands of different environments, both natural and human-made. Working with improvisation and set choreography, the nature of the space and the space of nature challenges our ever-developing consciousness of change, preservation, and adaptability.

Dance Film Festival // 2023

Rehearsal photos for the collaboration created with Miami Sound Choir for the screening of Dancing Out of Time: An Environmental Dance Film Festival

Dancers – Mary Spring, Reshma Anway, Maria Burt, Barbie Freeman
Photo by Mateo Serna Zapata

As One // 2022

Our newest work “as one”, was commissioned by Women Mind the Water and created in Maine in collaboration with Halcyon string quartet and artist Pam Ferris. Based on the global crisis of “ghost gear”, lost fishing gear that litters the ocean bottom and continues to catch sea creatures in its web, “as one” reflects on the price we pay as a result of our complicity.

Dancers: Allegra Preuss, Reshma Anwar, Mary Springs
Photo credit: Miana Jun

National Water Dance // 2022

NWD Projects collaborated with Dimensions Dance Theater, Ife-Ile Afro Cuban Dance & Music, Jubilation Dance Ensemble, MDC Kendall Campus, Karen Peterson & Dancers, Olujimi Dance Theater, Miami Bloco, Arthur & Polly Mays Conservatory of the Arts, and Miami Sound Choir. Afrobeta created the music for all of the dances.

Dancers: National Water Dance Miami
Photo credit: Teekay Kountry

Aspen Climate Ideas Conference // 2022

NWD Projects collaborated with Afrobeta at the Aspen Climate Ideas Conference. Thank you Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and Miami Beach Arts and Culture for the opportunity to participate in this exciting event. Read Review.

Dancers: Mary Spring with NWD Projects at Aspen Ideas: Climate MB 2022
Photo credit: Mateo Serna Zapata

Water Made Her // 2021

Water Made Her is about the deep womb energy that connects mother and child. Intersecting cycles of evolving independence circulate the dancers through the space from beginning to the end.

Dancers: Dale Andree & Thryn Saxon
Photo credit: Liliana Mora

Such Rooted Things // 2021

Such Rooted Things was conceived in the mangroves at Matheson Hammock, birthed through the physical imaginations of the dancers, inspired by the personal gestures and stories of the 10 women who worked with us and finally found its home in the middle of Miami at the Maurice Ferré Park on Biscayne Bay.

Dancers: NWD Projects Dancers
Photo credit: Karime Arabia

Miami National Water Dance // 2020

Dancers in Miami joined with hundreds from around the United States, including Puerto Rico to dance together via live stream, celebrating the gift of water that we all share.  Salvaging the many cancellations due to the coronavirus NWD Projects joined digital hands across the country to bring attention to our responsibility for clean and accessible water.

Waterway // 2020

An improvisational dance activation of the “Waterway” installation created by Jenna Efrein and Christin Paige Minnotte. A spatially transformable immersive architectural and sculptural experience informed by the glut of single-use plastic polluting our oceans. The piece is composed of thousands of collected suspended plastic bottles.

Dancers: Katie Brennan, Sara Franco, Sun Young Park, and Enrique Villacreses.

Where Earth Meets Sky // 2020

Commissioned by Artist In Residence In Everglades (AIRIE), Where Earth Meets Sky activated the shores of Long Pine Key. The work focuses on tempo and the flow of movement that comes with congregating and separating, the way the waters of the Everglades, both below and above, merge and mingle in constant transformation.

Dancers: Katie Brennan, Barbie Freeman, Becca Pelham and Sun Young Park
Musicians: Ray Robinson, Luis Gonzalez Pedro, and Samuel Tommie
Costume design: Camille Haith
Photo credit: Mateo Serna Zapata

Everglades Imprint // 2019

Everglades Imprint extended into a monthlong exhibit at the HistoryMiami Museum of photographs by Miana Jun, Dale Andree’s collaborator in the Everglades, and featured a courtyard performance of a portion of Everglades Imprint.

Photo credit: Miana Jun

Everglades Imprint Premiere // 2019

Dale Andree’s Everglades Imprint was inspired by her month long AIRIE residency in Everglades National Park. Andree invited storytellers to enhance the experience of walking to the dance performance site. Among them was Samuel Tommie of the Seminole Tribe of Florida whose story of growing up on a pine island in the Everglades lead the audience into the space of the sawgrass with a new sense of reverence.

Directed by Dale Andree
Dancers: Katie Brennan, Barbara Freeman, Amanda Rodriguez, Rebecca Pelham, and Oscar Trujillo
Musician: Samuel Tommie
Photo credit: Mateo Serna Zapata

Everglades Imprint SMDCAC // 2019

The wild beauty and fragile ecosystem of the Everglades came alive in this multimedia dance performance. The performance included a sound installation by Gustavo Matamoros, overlaid by Samuel Tommie’s flute and Ray Robinson’s percussion, while Miana Jun’s photographs suspended from the ceiling presented the multi-layered magic of the Everglades.

Directed by Dale Andree
Dancers: Katie Brennan, Barbara Freeman, Rebecca Pelham, Oscar Trujillo, and Dale Andree
Photo credit: Karime Arabia

“Dance—a physical voice for environmental activism, taking it out of the margins and placing it in the center of the conversation.” ~Dr. Andrea Seidel