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Reshma Anwar, Allegra Preuss, Mary Spring, photo by Miana Jun

Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Forum

In collaboration with @airieverglades @art_sail @bfi.miami, NWD Projects will be showing a new work at this year’s 15th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Forum. The conference is a unique opportunity for our community to address climate change alongside scientists and civic leaders. Working with conservation artist Deborah Mitchell, musicians Ray Robinson (percussion), Samuel Tommie (flute) and Molly Gawler (vocalist), dancers Mary Spring Barbie Freeman, Maria Burt and Sunyoung Park have collaborated with Dale Andree in creating this piece that speaks to listening with our hearts as we navigate the complex issues of climate change.

Online Events

Free Weekly Improv Sessions With Dale Andree

Explore physical connections through distanced improvisation. Discover the possibilities of 3-dimensional space in a 2-dimensional frame.

THURSDAYS on Zoom from 12:00 – 1:00 PM

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