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Personal, Public, Political

Personal, Public, Political

Inspired by Catalyst Miami’s CLEAR Project, a workshop series to engage environmental activism, I have adopted their concept of activism as a process through consciousness. Overwhelmed by information and choices, it is easy to care, but sometimes hard to find a way to begin to act. The 3 P’s allows for and credits the first steps toward conscious engagement and leads the way to a fuller commitment. Every week during the workshop series we were asked to share our engagement with environmental activism. There was no judgement on how big or small each act was. What was important was the consciousness of taking an action.

Simply stated the 3 P’s are:
Personal—Making a difference everyday by turning off the tap water, turning off lights, changing to LED lights, composting, recycling, using reusable eating ware etc.

Public—Having a conversation about climate change, or anything of the above personal actions with a friend, a family member, a stranger. Join with others in community action groups.

Political—Vote. Help register people to vote. Call and write legislators. Join in demonstrations and ongoing political action groups.

Every action is based on staying informed and beginning and continuing the process of engagement. This is a beginning list of possibilities—ADD YOUR OWN!