Photo by © Miana Jun


We believe that a full understanding of our world and our life within it comes through the embodied experience. Film allows us to share with the audience the intimacy of the relationship between the dancer’s body and the environment s/he inhabits.


Working with dancer videographer Rami Shafi, NWD Projects dancers’ Sun Young Park, Katie Brennan, Barbie Freeman, Flavie Audibert along with Kristin O’Neal, created two Pedestrian Wanderlust films, one in the sawgrass along the Three in One Trail and the other on the shore of the lake at Long Pine Key. These beautiful expressions of the Everglades move with the fluidity of Rami Shafi’s unique physical approach to capturing an image, creating a kinesthetic visual experience of this national treasure.

HOME // 2017

Home is a meditation on time that embraces the body’s impulse to return to the earth. Home was a collaboration between Miana Jun and Dale Andree in the mudflats of the Weskeag River in South Thomaston, Maine.


“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” ~Albert Einstein