Photo by © Miana Jun

National Water Dance

National Water Dance – A Celebration of Arts in Action

National Water Dance is an artist-driven collective of choreographers, dancers and educators confronting critical water issues facing the United States. What began as a state wide project in Florida inspired by the work of Marylee Hardenbergh and supported by Daniel Lewis and Miami Dance Futures, grew into the national event that it has become. In 2018, dancers in over 50 locations from 32 states and Puerto Rico created simultaneous, site-specific dance performances with movers of all ages and experience. Participants in National Water Dance share the belief that our environment is the most pressing issue of this generation and as dancers we are using our bodies to create a community that reaches out for change.

Elm City Dance Collective - Photo by Daniel Eugene
IFE-ILE Afro-Cuban Dance Company - Photo by Mitchell Zachs
Karin Stevens Dance - Photo by Michelle Smith-Lewis
MayaWest Dance Project - Photo by David Rinaldy Soler

Pedestrian Wanderlust

“Pedestrian Wanderlust is a movement movement of improvised dance in public spaces. Through our video portrait series we are committed to inspiring others to explore creative movement and to bringing communities together to share in the joy of dance.”

–Rami Shafi, Founder and Director

NWD Projects collaborated with Pedestrian Wanderlust in 2018 to create videos with dancers in: Madison, Wisconsin; Miami, Florida and Puerto Rico, giving a fresh, new look to National Water Dance. The videos were posted on social media, energizing our national presence.

Puerto Rico
MayaWest Dance Project

“The support, love, humility, strength, and power of this event is a literal illustration of our commitment to Solidarity, Ecology, Sustainability, and PERSEVERANCE”

–Michelle Grant-Murray
Coordinator of Dance
Miami Dade College Kendall Campus