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National Water Dance FAQ

National Water Dance FAQ

How long should my dance be? We STRONGLY encourage you to keep your dance to 5 minutes. This is for two reasons, 1) viewer attention will begin to drop off on videos much longer than that and 2) large video files will take a very long time to upload and post on your social media account afterwards.

How will I go live and what happens after I’m done with my live stream?

  1. You’ll use your own social media account (either Instagram or Facebook) to go live at 4PM EST on April 18th along with all other dancers.
  2. After you’re done, you’ll share the video on your Instagram or Facebook account, tag us and/or include our official hashtags (this is VERY important as that is how we will be able to find your videos).
  3. Then we’ll share your videos on our official National Water Dance account for the world to see. We also encourage you to share your fellow dancer’s videos too!
  4. We are also asking that you download your videos (instructions for downloading here) and send them to use (either via slack or email) so that we can create a professional compilation video after the fact.

Should I run a test first before I go live? Yes, everyone should practice going live prior to April 18th to ensure there aren’t any unforeseen issues.

What social media platforms can I go live on? Instagram or Facebook.

Do I need to check storage space on my phone? Yes. Make sure you have enough space on your phone or computer to store the video of your live stream because you will need to download your live stream video to your device at the end of your performance.

How is live streaming different for groups vs soloists? Soloists will stream live straight from their own Instagram or Facebook accounts. Dancers in a group will be on a Zoom call, which will stream through Facebook Live on your dance company Facebook page, if you are leading a group and want to participate in this way, please email Elsa or Dale.

How should I prepare my space before going live? Figure out where and how you’ll prop up your device while it is live streaming, make sure there aren’t objects in the frame that you don’t want the view to see (clutter, personal items, etc), and eliminate any unexpected sources of noise (alarms, roommates, pets, etc).

Does lighting matter when I go live? yes, the light directionality matters, if there is a strong light coming from behind you, it will be difficult for anyone to see you in the video. Before going live, experiment shooting video in the area you’ll dance in (indoors or outside) to see where to best position yourself.

Can I use my own music? Yes. Solo performers can use their own music for their live stream. Dancers in a group will have their own music too, which the host of the Zoom call will play (as groups will be performing together through Zoom). Remember that you must have proper permission if it is copyrighted or your video will be pulled for copyright violation by FB or IG.

What about copyright issues with music? It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the proper permissions to use the music you choose. This article on the Creative Commons website provides basic information and resources on finding music you can legally use. We also recommend reading Facebook and Instagram’s resource pages on copyright.

Will I see other dancers while I am live? No, not unless you are dancing with a group on Zoom. If you’re a soloist you’ll be live on your own account (and you wouldn’t want other live streams pulled up while you are dancing because the background noise will interfere with the sound of your own live stream)

Who will see me while I am streaming live? Your followers will be the people who see you while you are live, afterwards when you share your video, our followers and anyone browsing the hashtags we are using will be able to see your video.

Can anyone other than my followers see me while I am streaming live? Yes, as long as your account is public anyone who searches for your account will be able to watch your live stream. In advance of April 18th, National Water Dance’s official account will encourage our followers to follow everyone who is dancing (which is why sharing your social media info with us is important)