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Miami National Water Dance

Miami National Water Dance

We Made it Happen Digitally in 2020!

National Water Dance in Miami is directed and choreographed by Dale Andree in collaboration with other local artists.

Below are all the amazing dancers who accepted the challenge of how dancing alone could be transformed into the deep satisfaction of dancing together by believing in the process.

NWD Projects
Director Dale Andree
Music by Kendall Simpson
Created for National Water Dance 2020
Dancers: Joanna Asch, Katie Brennan, Barbie Freeman, Sara Franco, Laura Lior, Tyler McLennan, Sunyoung Park, Enrique Villacreses

Olujimi Dance Theatre
Director Michelle Grant-Murray
Dancers: A’Keitha Carey, Melissa Cobblah, Erika Loyola, Brittany Williams, Michelle Grant-Murray

Dance NOW! Miami
Artistic Directors Diego Salterini & Hannah Baumgarten
Music by Victor Machin
Rehearsal Director Allyn Ginns Ayers
Dancers: Julia Faris, Benicka J. Grant, Isabelle Haas, David Harris, Matthew Huefner, Renee Roberts, Joshua Rosado, Anthony Velazquez

Miami Group
Choreographer Thryn Saxon
Dancers: Amal Rogers, Kael Baez, Eva Marinez, Lauren Amado, Natalia Rocamonde, Jeanette Pemberton

Jubilation Dance Ensemble
Director Michelle Grant-Murray
Dancers: N’Dia Wight, Kimberly Miranda, Florinza Chery, Stephanie Sanchez, Chanelis “Nancy” Betancourt, Myrka Reyes, Kelly Hernandez, Raynard Sellers, Elina Li

University of Miami
Coordinator Frost School of Music Dance Program Carol Kaminsky
Dancers: Amy Berghese, Darlene Charles, Fengyuan Deng, Mufeng Li, Maren Gierlatowicz, Ziyi Yuan, Carol Kaminsky

Conchita Espinosa Academy
Director Carol Diaz-Zubieta
Dancers: Senior Dance Mastery
Principal Cassandra Jolliff
Department Head Danella Bedford
Communications Director Elisabela Valls

Water Invocation and Land Acknowledgment
Rev Houston Cypress of the Otter Clan of the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians

Post Performance Viewing

We got this country dancing and now you can see performances from across the US and Puerto Rico on Instagram (check out our regional highlights) and Facebook.

Images from our 2018 Miami Performance

“The support, love, humility, strength, and power of this event is a literal illustration of our commitment to Solidarity, Ecology, Sustainability, and PERSEVERANCE” ~Michelle Grant-Murray, Coordinator of Dance at MDC Kendall Campus