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Movement Choir

Movement Choir

What is a movement choir?

Movement Choirs were first conceived by Rudolf Laban, a dance theorist who studied and understood movement as personal choice inspired by the knowledge of our use of space, our engagement in relationship and the dynamics of our movement choices. The purpose of a Movement Choir is to experience the power and joy in community through dance; finding somatic empathy to one another through connection with ourselves in a collective spirit of shared movement. These community dances are most often performed in natural environments bringing that physical understanding full circle, back to our roots in nature.

How will we do this?

We will initiate our 21st Century movement choir by connecting with one another through the Internet. Inspired by each of our chosen sites, participants will create a movement phrase that reflects their particular environment and share that on our website. These movements will be the source from which a common dance phrase will be created and used by all participants in their choreographic process.

When will it happen?

This site-specific simultaneous event will be live streamed on April 18, 2020, 4:00PM EST across the United States. We invite you to dance with us; experiencing the empathetic spirit that brings us back into balance with this precious planet that we all call home.