NWD Projects


Whether working with children at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center in Key Biscayne, Florida, or adults in South Thomaston, Maine, NWD Projects highlights the joy of our physical engagement with the environment.

Past workshops
Summer dance workshops were conducted at the Biscayne Nature Center as part of their summer camp series. Participants were able to connect their kinetic imaginations with the immediate environment of the beach. Inspired by what they saw, they realized those images in movement in the surrounding water and sand. NWD Projects commissioned Daniel Dancer to create one of his “giant living paintings made of people” for the students at Jose de Diego Middle School in Overtown. With Daniel, 350 students created a giant coral reef and clown fish on their football field to create the living painting that then became a video for the school to share. Dance workshops and assemblies with coral reef experts and activists brought the science to life for the students. Participation in Art FOR the Sky contributed to Jose de Diego being given the Bronze STE(A)M designation by MDCPS.

“It occurs to me that it would be good to keep in mind that our capacity for language and all relevant abstractions are directly linked to physicality, to physical experience, to our perception, sensation, observation processes.”
–Karen Studd
Co-author of Everybody is a Body