Photo by Clark Scott
Photo by Clark Scott. Rachel Inman & Dancers, Birmingham, AL

2020 Event Details

In 2020 we are planning the largest National Water Dance yet and Dancing for Our Lives: Re-Imagining Our Future. Participants from across the nation will join together in different locations for a simultaneous dance on April 18, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. EST.

National Water Dance is first and foremost a Movement Choir—a collective body of dancers and movers physically engaged in drawing attention to and action on water issues. For 2020 our focus is on the climate crisis.

We believe in the power of dance as a means to somatic empathy—Dance speaks to the physical connection we have with ourselves as ecological systems existing in community with all other systems. We understand that in order to save the Earth we must first recognize that we are in interdependence with all living things. National Water Dance is creating a community of dancers that reestablishes our connection with each other.

We are thrilled to partner again with Pedestrian Wanderlust, check out their website for a taste of their movement work filming improvised dance in public spaces. Through their video portrait series and free public dance jams, Pedestrian Wanderlust is committed to inspiring others to explore creative movement and bringing communities together to share in the joy of dance.

If you’re a choreographer and want to get involved planning a National Water Dance in your community as part of our 2020 simultaneous dance performance get all the details on participating now and sign up to be part of this collective call to protect our water!

Actions to Take

National Water Dance is:

  • continuing to engage with environmental groups to educate participants and audience members on the accelerating climate crisis we are facing.
  • encouraging all participants to partner with voting rights and registration groups to get out the vote and vote for politicians that take climate change seriously.
  • recognizing the wisdom of indigenous people whose connection to the Earth is our guide and acknowledging the history of the land on which we dance and the culture of those from whom it was taken.
  • creating a “Yes Campaign” based on the power of positive action and inclusivity. No action is too small but we need every action to move us forward together. Collectively we can make a difference if we believe that we can. (read this for concrete ideas on taking action.)
  • acknowledging the world around us and the delight that it brings everyday as our reason to act (learn more by reading Ross Gay’s Book of Delights)